Recurso 53TAS

Telephony Application Server ​

Our IMS Telephony Application Server (TAS), is a core telco platform that enables MOs/MVNOs to offer VolP services to small, medium and even large
TAS offers APIs to develop a variety of applications and multimedia telephony (MMTel) services, along with SIP services related to call control and a variety of pre and post-call supplementary services.
Our SDP (Service Delivery Platform) is powering the Telephony Application Server’s routing and processing of calls, while also allowing for easy integration with external APIs and providing access to our no-code Service Creation Environment (SCE) that has built-in IVR features.
Can be used as a Core Network Element for voice telephony and IVR-PBX solutions
No-code Service Creation Environment for faster time-to-market
May be integrated to an SBC for billing and external interworking
Can be connected to CRM systems for proper subscriber management.

Key Points:

  • High-availability supported, ensuring traffic is directed efficiently to multiple servers
  • Scalable, allowing support for more servers /protocols as needed
  • Evolves to be compatible with new technologies, while maintaining compatibility with existing ones
  • Routing decisions based on SIP headers or content

Telephony Application Server

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