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Telco Load Balancer​​

High-traffic networks can be difficult to handle, causing overload on some of the system servers if not managed correctly. Our Telco Load Balancer helps distribute traffic from several sources towards different nodes, established by routing rules that maximize performance based on customers’ needs.

The Telco Load Balancer includes a Front-End Processor (FEP), a cutting-edge component with the latest programming coding, with the ability to interconnect to the network over a single point of contact. This feature is key in our Load Balancer to provide a scalable solution, allowing organizations to grow with ease.

Key Points:

  • High-availability supported, ensuring traffic is directed efficiently to multiple servers
  • Scalable, allowing support for more servers/protocols as needed
  • Evolves to be compatible with new technologies, while maintaining compatibility with existing ones
  • Routing decisions based on SIP headers or content

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